‘’Glen Josselsohn is a leading South African Contemporary Artist, who’s unique style is a buzz with energy and movement which opens up the imagination, engages the senses and ignites a sense of curiosity within the viewer. 
Glen’s Artwork has been recognised locally and internationally, He also exhibits his artwork in Galleries all over the World and participated in the Miami Basel 2013
Glen has painted for very exclusive Hotels, has been featured on many lifestyle television programmes and has had numerous editorials written in exclusive lifestyle and home magazines, as for the content and the style of Glen’s art, it’s timeless and appeals to all. 

‘’Glen Josselsohn’s  signature art offers the perfect solution to complement a modern and chic room’’  ”The way I paint is unique! My Art is abuzz with energy, movement and colour. I enjoy stepping into a meditative state, a state of ‘non-thinking’. It helps me to relax. Whereas the big commissions are exciting and challenging, my favourite pieces to work on are those around the 2m x 1m, 1.5m x 1.5m dimensions. They are fun and engaging. My inspiration comes from my travels, visiting local and international galleries, taking photos and exploring and visiting wildlife reserves. I translate my experiences to canvas and paper. Painting with acrylics is my preferred medium as they dry quicker than oils. I like that I can also create texture and dimension as they can be applied thickly. I enjoy acrylic paint as I am able to able patterns and texture to it.

Why I Love To Paint

I love how my art evolves and takes shapes. I enjoy the freedom and the ability to not have to concentrate intensely while creating a realistic copy. It fascinates me how people can engage with my art using their imagination to identify and interpret what the art means to them. Where realistic art requires the creation to be judged against the item being captured, how close it matches, I love how abstract goes beyond symmetry, that it challenges the boundaries of what can be seen and measured, that it’s different and beyond the norm. That it’s indicative of an original form, represents it and alludes to it, in an indirect descriptive way, whether it’s an image, an object or a person. Willingly I get into a zone and just do, I get into a flow and can be there for hours enjoying great music as well as creative private time.

”There’s nothing quite like art to give a room a character of its own. If the décor is the room’s attire, the paintings on the walls are definitely its attitude! If there was ever a good example of this analogy, it’s the work of contemporary artist, Glen Josselsohn. Not only does his art buzz with energy and movement, but it opens up the imagination, engages the senses and ignites a sense of curiosity within the viewer. What really is going on between those lines and squiggles, those figures leaping off the canvas?

“The way I paint is unique,” Glen says of his work. “The last person who had a similar style was Jackson Pollock. I’ve been using and experimenting with the drip technique for ten years now, and I feel like I have developed a signature style. It’s interesting, and it’s contemporary!

It’s definitely sparked an interest within the hospitality industry. Johannesburg boutique hotel, Marion on Nicol, commissioned Glen to do over 30 paintings for the establishment, creating a contemporary feel throughout this chic property. According to Glen, the hospitality industry is a perfect platform for his art, as he is able to create work in large volumes, at affordable rates. As for the content and the style, it’s timeless and appeals to most – characteristics that hospitality establishments would do well to keep in mind when investing in pieces that will form part of their identity for years to come.

The Radisson Platinum gym is another buyer of his work, the movement and energy on his canvases being suitably appropriate for the nature of the establishment. Glen has also been featured on Top Billing Magazine Program and also in many Magazines including Garden and Home, Habitat, House and Leisure, to name a few.

Looking forward, Glen’s main goal is to keep doing what he does best: painting. With the intention to promote his work more in Europe and to build and develop his technique even further, life is certainly bound to be exciting. Watch this space – he’s sure to create more than a splash within the art circles”


2010 February – Hout Bay Art Gallery

2012 February – Homemakers Fair

2012 September – Hyde Park Corner

2013 January – The Cow Artworks

2013 April – Decorex Cape Town

2013 June -Arts on Main

2013 June – Imbizo Gallery

2013 July – The Cow Artworks

2013 August – Decorex Johannesburg

2013 October – Hyde Park Corner

2013 December – Art Basel Miami

2014 June – Kyalami Estate

2014 June – The Cow Artworks

2014 July – The Marion Hotel

2014 August – Gallagher Convention Centre

2015 March – Pretoria Fire and Ice Hotel

2015 June – Waterfall Country Estate

2016 July – Joss Art Gallery

2017 December – Houghton Golf Club

2018 April – Jacksons Bryanston  

2018 August – Ramada Hadera Hotel Israel

2018 October – ORT Jet

2018 November – Serengeti Golf Estate

2019 February – Gallery Direct

2019 April – Charity Auction New York

2019 June – Waterfall Country Estate

2019 November – Private House Melrose

2020 November – The Houghton Hotel

 2021 May – The Art Window Gallery

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