‘’Glen Josselsohn is a leading South African Contemporary Artist, who’s unique style is a buzz with energy and movement which opens up the imagination, engages the senses and ignites a sense of curiosity within the viewer. Glen’s Art is booming and has become the hype of the Art World.
Glen’s Artwork has been recognised locally and internationally, He participated in the Miami Basel 2013.Glen has painted for very exclusive Hotels, has been featured on many lifestyle television programmes and has had numerous editorials written in exclusive lifestyle and home magazines, Glen has also commissioned art for high end homes including the Penthouse of a Sheikh at the Michelangelo Towers,as for the content and the style of Glen’s art, it’s timeless and appeals to all.

‘’Glen Josselsohn’s signature art offers the perfect solution to complement a modern and chic room’’ 



”Distinctively contemporary in his work, artist Glen Josselsohn’s signature art style offers the perfect solution to complement a modern and chic room design.

There’s nothing quite like art to give a room a character of its own. If the decor is the room’s attire, the paintings on the walls are definitely its attitude!

If there was ever a good example of this analogy, it’s the work of contemporary artist, Glen Josselsohn. Not only does his art buzz with energy and movement, but it opens up the imagination, engages the senses and ignites a sense of curiosity within the viewer. What really is going on between those lines and squiggles, those figures leaping off the canvas?

The way I paint is unique, Glen says of his work. The last person who had a similar style was Jackson Pollock. I’ve been using and experimenting with the drip technique for ten years now, and I feel like I have developed a signature style. It’s interesting, and it’s contemporary!

It’s definitely sparked an interest within the hospitality industry. A Johannesburg boutique hotel, Marion on Nicol, commissioned Glen to do over 30 paintings for the establishment, creating a contemporary feel throughout this chic property. According to Glen, the hospitality industry is a perfect platform for his art, as he is able to create work in large volumes, at affordable rates. As for the content and the style, it’s timeless and appeals to most of characteristics that hospitality establishments would do well to keep in mind when investing in pieces that will form part of their identity for years to come.

The Radisson Platinum gym is another buyer of his work, the movement and energy on his canvases being suitably appropriate for the nature of the establishment. Glen has also been featured on Top Billing Magazine Program and also in many Magazines including Garden and Home, Habitat, House And Leisure, to name a few.

Looking forward, Glen’s main goal is to keep doing what he does best: painting. With the intention to promote his work more in Europe and to build and develop his technique even further, life is certainly bound to be exciting. Watch this space he is sure to create more than a splash within the art circles. You never know that one of these vibrant wall adornments may just be the je ne se quoi in your hotel lobby!

 ”The way I paint is unique! My Art is a buzz with energy and movement. The last person  who had a similar style was Jackson Pollock. I use a drip technique, It’s  interesting,  and it’s contemporary”








The Glen Josselsohn Spectrum Mini Cooper

Glen Josselsohn                                               Glen Josselsohn                                                 Mini spectrum

The Glen Josselsohn Abstract Vespa